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lune seviced rich men I Serviced Rich Men!

luna kissing

It was fun

I met intersting men who played with crypto money. They offered me secret gifts.

luna meets evil

I met bad

Some bad men poisoned me time to time for benefits. They ruined my life slowly.

luna coin devil

I keep secrets

Those men don't know that I secretly took their hash codes of their crypto wallets.

I need your friendship

I borrowed some crypto from 3 men who asked me to pay them back. I have to pay them 30 USDT, and there is no way to settle it without your help. If you can donate 30 USDT, I will invite you inside my home and treat you as my own family. I promise that whenever I get donations from others, I will share them with my family members.

Start Friendship

Please become my friend!

You have to fill the form carefully to become my friend. I need your USDT address (TRC-20) to send funds, in case I receive donations in the future. You also have to give me a password to secure your entrance to my home.

Meet My Family!